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We are future focused professionals looking to help make a better tomorrow.

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John is a Founding Partner of sK Consulting and a natural problem solver with a bias towards innovation, or better yet, disruption. As a lifelong learner, who is committed to protecting the independence of the RIA community, he believes the RIA model is best positioned to keep clients’ interests first. He has firsthand experience with the myriad of forces at play as firms grow and evolve. While he has held many RIA responsibilities over the years, his specialization and passion are investments and operations. There is nothing more motivating to John than the idea that something cannot be done, and when that is coupled with the prospect of introducing lasting industry-wide change, the appeal is irresistible. 


John's journey throughout the financial services industry has empowered him with the experience, understanding, and confidence, to show peers there is a better way. He has cold-called teachers to make insurance sales, helped tax professionals incorporate financial services into their practices, served individual clients across many walks of life, coordinated investment due diligence nationally across some of the largest RIAs in the industry, and much more. Along the way, he has been blessed to learn from experienced managers at GE Financial, Fidelity, and the wise founders at Beaird Harris. Collectively, they have entrusted John to serve hundreds of CPAs across the country, thousands of clients all over the world, and represent their firm nationally on the ZAG Board. These experiences have helped him grow both professionally and personally over the past 25+ years, and now help him better empathize with the plight of many professionals across our industry. 


Meyers-Briggs categorizes John as an ENTP, and Gallup identifies his “top five strengths” as Achiever, Learner, Strategic, Ideation, and Activator.  However, his peers have all agreed that his most Unique Ability is that, “John gets things done.”  John believes this statement succinctly encapsulates him as an individual, and thus his primary effort is to make the world a little better each and every day.

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Hilary is a Founding Partner of sK Consulting who began her career over 20 years ago as a consultant for IBM. Over those 20 years, she has enjoyed careers in database administration, marketing, project management and strategy & insights across a variety of industries (including utilities, aviation, direct selling, and beauty). Her true passions are food and sustainability, and she has nourished them with a diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations, a Masters in Foresight, and a certificate in Sustainability from Oxford University. When Hilary is not helping clients determine how to achieve their preferred future, she enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. 

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